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Pulling some strings to get behind Conservatoire’s bar!

The opening of Birmingham Conservatoire’s brand new state-of-the-art building, is definitely a cause for celebration. Music critic goes into a bar, and the bloke who pops up on the other side is none other than a world-famous cellist, who says “let me pull you a pint”. The critic in question is me, mine genial host is Julian Lloyd Webber, principal of Birmingham Conservatoire, and the beer is Conservatoire Ale, produced by Wye Valley Brewery in Hereford, and available only in this particular bar, situated in the welcoming foyer of the Conservatoire’s brilliant new building at the heart of Birmingham city centre’s learning quarter, Eastside of Moor Street Station. There is another dedicated Wye Valley brew, a bottled “Principal’s Ale”, its label bearing Julian’s signature -- and rightly so, as he had a palate in the tasting process - and again, only available at Birmingham Conservatoire, whose opening last week these beers were created to celebrate. Birmingham City Universit