Mike Spencer reports on the state of inner Birmingham transport.

Birmingham Town Hall seen from the Library
I promise not to write to Chris's blog too often but having listened to his (quite justifiable) rants on the difficulties of  the public when attempting to visit either the Town Hall or Symphony Hall for a relaxing concert, I thought members of his 'blog' might appreciate a panoramic view of the area as seen this week. 
Although the photos were taken quite randomly on my iPhone, by some miracle of intrusive technology, Google produced this panoramic view quite automatically and without asking.
Its equally interesting to compare this apparent devastation with an engraving done by H W Brewer,  a wonderful "Bird's Eye View of Birmingham in 1886" which now sits proudly on our blog header.  
One can only hope that at least some of this mess will be sorted out sooner rather than later. But having also noted the Metro extension laboriously climbing its way up from New Street Station heading towards the Town Hall, Broad Street and on to Symphony Hall one suspects some of us may not live long enough to see the finished product. 


When I first came to Birmingham in 1957, New Street was not exactly a pretty sight:

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