CBSO at Symphony Hall *****

A good turn-out for the afternoon Symphony Hall concert, the cheery mature audience eagerly anticipating a refreshing programme.
The hardworking CBSO has recently returned from a three week tour of Europe so this sunny afternoon concert helped to lead us back into the full season.
Japanese guest conductor Kazuki Yamada, known by the CBSO as a favourite guest, was in charge - noted by smiles from players. Look out for more concerts in the future with this delightful artist.
A reduced orchestra , fielding sparse wind, charmed all with 18-year-old Mozart's Symphony No 29. This familiar symphony was somewhat marred however, by grossly exaggerated physical antics from guest leader, Raphael Christ - to be repeated throughout the whole programme.
Full-on brass fronted Liszt's First Piano Concerto- matched by fireworks from soloist Cedric Tiberghien, a young musician with 50 concertos in his repertoire. Fireworks indeed- thundering octaves certainly matched the full orchestra. All were calmed however, by the charming gentle encore. Yes . . and a trick of the trade included throughout the concerto.. : "Add a triangle to a red hot orchestra to turn it white hot" True, all true - also used by Schumann in his lovely Spring Symphony.
All sections of the orchestra responded to the relaxed clear indications from the rostrum, from poignancy to dancing delight. Discreet communication is always a delight for all concerned.

Maggie Cotton

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